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What is QUEENTILE Composite Shingles?

QUEENTILE Composite Shingles are a modern multilayer material. It is primarily made of high-quality steel with "Aluzinc" coating on both sides. The front side of the shingle is covered with natural stone granules, giving it an excellent appearance. The stone is held on the metal surface thanks to a specially developed acrylic-based binding material, and on top, the stone is coated with transparent acrylic glaze, providing the material with even greater strength and reliability.

Composite shingles have a complex multilayer structure, with each layer serving its own purpose.

What materials are used in QUEENTILE production?

QUEENTILE Composite Shingles are manufactured on an innovative, automated European production line.

Only materials from leading global manufacturers are used:

  • "Aluzinc" steel - global conglomerates
  • Acrylic binder - European production (the formula is patented and confidential)
  • Natural stone granules (basalt) - GEOBITEK, Italy
  • All materials are purchased directly from global manufacturers, without intermediaries, and quality control of the manufactured products is carried out at all stages of production (from raw material procurement to composite shingle production).

QUEENTILE Composite Shingles have all the necessary quality certificates and regularly undergo independent climate testing by the well-known chemical conglomerate BASF (Germany).

Does the coating fade over time?

The shingles do not fade in the sun thanks to the deep thermally colored stone coating and acrylic glaze. The stone granules have high UV resistance and retain their color throughout the entire service life.

Does composite roofing shingles "make noise" or "rattle" during rain?

Composite roofing shingles are a noiseless roofing material.

The stone granules not only eliminate metallic shine and give the roofing material a noble aesthetic appearance but also serve as additional protection against mechanical influences, improve the sound insulation characteristics of the roof, and absorb sounds from raindrops and hail.

Does the stone granulate detach?

No, as the surface of the basalt layer is covered with a special acrylic glaze that prevents detachment and soiling of the granules. This technology ensures an aesthetic appearance of the roof throughout its service life.

What warranty does the manufacturer offer on their products?

The manufacturer provides a legal warranty for their products - 50 years. The warranty covers both corrosion and aesthetics (European counterparts only cover corrosion).

What fire resistance class does composite shingle belong to?

Composite shingles have a high fire resistance class - A. They are classified as fireproof and non-flammable roofing material, unlike asphalt shingles.

What is the weight of a composite shingle roof compared to other materials?
Roofing Material Type Weight per 1m2 of Roofing
QUEENTILE Composite Shingle 6.5 kg
Asphalt Shingle 15 — 25 kg
Cement-Sand Shingle, Ceramic Shingle 45 kg
Can QUEENTILE composite shingles be used in regions with extreme weather conditions?

Yes. QUEENTILE composite shingles have the highest class of resistance to natural disasters. They can withstand wind gusts of up to 250 km/h, are resistant to sharp temperature fluctuations, and are not affected by freezing temperatures or extreme heat. Therefore, this roofing material is widely used in various climate conditions.

Is composite shingle susceptible to corrosion?

No, composite shingles are not susceptible to corrosion. Thanks to the aluminum-zinc coating on the steel, QUEENTILE composite shingles have high corrosion resistance, and their service life is at least 6 times longer than that of regular galvanized steel used in the production of metal shingles. Therefore, the manufacturer confidently offers a 50-year warranty on their product.

Is it possible to walk on a roof made of composite shingles?

Yes, a roof made of composite shingles allows for walking on it not only during the installation of the roofing material but also during its use.

What is the difference between QUEENTILE composite shingles and metal shingles?
Premium metal shingles QUEENTILE Composite Shingles
Susceptibility of metal to corrosion High-quality steel with "Aluzinc" coating, which is 6 times stronger and more durable than regular galvanized steel
Significant waste during roof installation Chessboard installation pattern ensures optimal material usage
Noise during rain Thanks to the stone granulate, composite shingles are noiseless during rain or hail
High heat and fading Composite shingles hardly heat up and do not fade in the sun due to deep thermal coloring of the stone chips and acrylic glaze coating
Avalanche-like snow shedding The rough surface of the material retains snow and prevents avalanche-like shedding
How does QUEENTILE composite roofing differ from asphalt roofing?
Asphalt Roofing QUEENTILE Composite Roofing
Use of OSB board reduces the roof's service life (despite the warranty period of the roofing material) Installation is done directly on the sheathing
Lack of volume in the roof The wave height gives the roof volume and expressiveness
Complex installation in winter conditions (up to +5) and in summer (over +30) Steel sheet, as the base of composite shingles, allows roofing in any weather conditions
Weight of 1 m2 of roofing with substructure 15-20 kg Weight of one 1 m2 of roofing does not exceed 6.5 kg
Low fire safety (flammability class G4) Non-combustible fire-safe material (flammability class G1)
Smell of asphalt in hot weather Composite shingles are resistant to temperature fluctuations
Mandatory installation of aerators Self-ventilated roof (ventilated ridge)
Granule shedding and asphalt scattering High-quality acrylic binding ensures reliable adhesion of stone to metal
How does QUEENTILE composite roofing differ from natural roofing?
Ceramic Roofing QUEENTILE Composite Roofing
High cost of roofing (due to high cost of installation and materials) Optimal cost (ease and speed of installation due to multi-tile sheets)
Weight of 45 kg/m2 Weight of 6.5 kg/m2
Difficulty in transportation (fragility of the material) and delivery of roofing to the roof Steel sheet as the base of composite shingles eliminates the possibility of breakage. The lightness of the tiles does not complicate the delivery of the material to the roof
Entrance of snow, small debris into the subroof space (due to the presence of small gaps) The monolithic nature of the roof and the peculiarities of installation exclude the entry of moisture
Why do customers choose QUEENTILE composite roofing?

Unmatched appearance, a large number of innovations in both technology and design make our composite roofing the most interesting roofing material. QUEENTILE combines the positive qualities of all major materials while avoiding their drawbacks. Our material is lightweight, durable, fire-resistant, and monolithic like metal roofing, while also having excellent sound and thermal insulation properties. Like asphalt shingles, our material prevents snow avalanche, while also providing volume and not emitting a bitumen smell in the summer, and it does not require additional ventilation elements. Compared to ceramic roofing, our material is completely impermeable to moisture and dirt in the subroof space. It can be pressure-washed. The glaze prevents moss growth. Moreover, from a distance of 20 meters, even for a professional, it is problematic to distinguish composite roofing from ceramics.

QUEENTILE composite roofing is on par with European counterparts in terms of quality. It is manufactured on an innovative, automated European line. Only raw materials from leading global manufacturers are used, and its cost is lower than that of imported counterparts.

QUEENTILE composite roofing has all the necessary quality certificates and regularly undergoes independent climate tests at the world-famous chemical concern BASF (Germany).

Since the plant is located in Ukraine, we can guarantee 100% availability of products in the entire color range, original components, and a well-established delivery process.

A product return system is in place.

The 50-year legal warranty covers both corrosion and aesthetics (European counterparts only cover corrosion).

What should I do if I received a product of inadequate quality?

Returning a product of inadequate quality: If a consumer has purchased a product of inadequate quality, they have the right to demand an exchange for a product of proper quality, rectification of the product's defects, or a refund of the amount paid for the product. The costs of transporting the product back due to its inadequate quality are borne by the seller.

How is delivery to regions carried out?

Delivery to the regions is available through several methods:

  • Nova Poshta: If you wish to use the services of "Nova Poshta", simply indicate this when placing an order or inform our manager.
  • Transport companies: For orders that require specific delivery conditions, we offer the services of transport companies. Choose this delivery method, and we will provide all the necessary information and the tracking number after the order confirmation.
  • Courier delivery: For your convenience, we offer courier delivery, which is ideal for quick and safe receipt of goods directly in hand. The cost and terms of delivery will be agreed upon at the time of order confirmation.
  • Direct delivery to the site: We understand that some orders may require an individual approach. By agreement, we can organize delivery directly to your site. The cost and terms of such delivery are discussed individually for each case.
What payment methods does TM Quintile offer?

Payments can be made in three ways:

  • Payment upon receipt. You can pay for the goods at the post office branch, in the central office of the company, or at the nearest company representative in your region.
  • Non-cash payment to the account. Payments to the "Quintile" company account can be made through any bank within Ukraine.
  • Card payments. Payments with VISA/MASTERCARD cards through the WayForPay payment system. Your payments are protected by 3D Secure technology from the Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode applications.
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