Subject of Warranty

1.1. The warranty covers defects in QUEENTILE roofing system elements such as: - non-compliance of geometric parameters; - violation of protective-decorative coating during production or due to atmospheric influences not considered "force majeure" (storm warning, hail with a cross-sectional size exceeding 20 mm, snowfall exceeding the established standards for the region, etc.); - damage to the steel base caused by excessive mechanical impact during production or corrosion (provided that the conditions of this warranty are met).

1.2. In case of delivery of non-conforming materials to the site, or in case of defects listed in paragraph 1.1, during the warranty period, a Warranty Case arises.

Warranty Terms and Warranty Period

2.1. The warranty covers original QUEENTILE roofing materials and components manufactured by LLC "BIG MEGA CITY".

2.2. The roof structure must comply with national building standards.

2.3. Materials and elements from other manufacturers used in roof installation must be of high quality and defect-free.

2.4. Transportation, storage on the construction site, mechanical processing, and installation of QUEENTILE roofing system elements must be carried out in accordance with the requirements and recommendations of the "Guide for Installing Sloped Roofs Using QUEENTILE Composite Tiles".

2.5. The presence of this warranty certificate, invoice, and shipping list.

2.6 Warranty period - 50 years.

The Warranty Case is not considered as such in the following cases:

- mechanical damage to the material caused by incorrect installation and operation of the covering;

- exposure of the covering to chemical substances (including those present in the atmosphere), biological processes, high temperatures (above 80°C);

- occurrence of force majeure circumstances (military actions, terrorism, fire, natural disasters, etc.);

- destruction or deformation of the building structure, including the truss system;

- the warranty applies only to claims arising as a direct result of a manufacturing defect of the tiles (e.g., claims made as a result of poor tile installation and damage caused by walking on the tiles (caused by the owner or someone else, such as a plumber, TV repairman, electrician, painter, plasterer, air conditioner repairman, etc.), or as a result of defects in the structures on which the tiles were laid, which are not covered by the warranty)

- since the color of tiles produced at different times may differ, the Company reserves the right to repair or replace tiles with other tiles of a similar color to the original tiles;

- the company does not provide a warranty if saws, abrasive discs, and saws that are not recommended in the Company's instructions are used to cut the tiles during installation.

- any repair work carried out based on this warranty does not extend the warranty period.

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